Impacts of organizational culture, locus of control, job satisfaction on teachers’ job performance in Private Primary School


  • Riska Sari Nasution Universitas Negeri Medan
  • Nur cahaya Lubis Universitas Negeri Medan
  • Emalia Rosellin Br Sembiring Universitas Negeri Medan


Job Satisfaction, Organizational Culture, Locus of Control


The perception of Job satisfaction has a different meaning for each employee (Teacher), and it makes the meaning of Job Satisfaction increasingly difficult to explain. Some people are easily satisfied with their work but the other hand, some people complain of their job satisfaction. The aim of this study is to find out the influences of Organizational Culture, Personal Ability, Emotional Intellegent on Teachers’ Job Satisfaction.The total sample of 150 teachers was selected using the Kreijcie and Morgan table and Private Primary teachers in Medan, North Sumatera were involved in the research. Proportional Random Sampling was used to determine the selected data. Path Analysis was used to test the hypotheses after fulfill the Normality and Linearity test.  The findings show that organizational cultures directly influence the personality ability and emotional intellegent. As a conclusion, this study demonstrates that Teachers’ Job Satisfaction was directly influenced by Orgnizational culture, Personal Ability and Emotional Intellegent. It is hope that through this study, the Teacher Job Satisfaction can be improved and can be applied as strategic planning to increase the ability of human resources.